Wolverton’s hands are shaking as he unscrews the mouthpiece of the receiver. The runes are just clay, symbols pressed into the surface. Wolverton cuts a finger with the knife, wincing as he lets a drop of blood fall onto Mannaz. He pushes Ansuz into the receiver, followed by bloodied Mannaz and finally Raidho.

Wolverton almost swallows the whistle when the buzzer on the front door goes off. He pauses, then blows a steady 2600 hertz tone. Somewhere, deep in the phone system, a racial memory stirs. Wolverton prays and punches in the number of his office. At that point, everything goes green.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on January 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wolverton”

  1. Oh man so great!

  2. Thanks Brendan. Man, I have to say, 101 words is a very challenging format to write in. I’m in constant admiration of your pith.

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