A special guest contribution by Brendan Adkins of Ommatidia, whose bad penny Ashlock started all of this.

“We also have floor mats.  Please place your feet on the floor mats,” instructs the shorter, as Wolverton slides into the back seat.  “We have safety belts.  Please fasten your safety belt.”

Wolverton does.

The car begins to roll forward.  “We have air conditioning,” notes one.  “Please turn on the air conditioning,” replies the other.  Cool air begins to flow through the car, still faintly redolent of free monomers.  Wolverton tenses as the shorter one turns to look back over his seat.

“We have lollipops,” he says, expressionless, holding a fistful of Dum-Dums.  “Please take one to moisten your mouth.”


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on February 4, 2011.

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