Inspector-Sergeant Cameron walked down the aisle of the carriage and sat down on the seat next to where the white sheet had been placed.  He reached down and lifted the edge, grimacing at the blackened shape underneath.

“Just lit him up, eh?” he asked, dropping the edge of the sheet and turning towards the guardsman standing a few steps away.

“Yep, at least that’s how it’s being told.  About a dozen witnesses saw him do it.  This guy,” the guardsman indicated the corpse with a nod, “was liquored up and sore over something.  Witnesses think maybe lost his job, he was shouting something like that.  Anyway, someone looks at him in a way he doesn’t like.”

“Him?” Cameron looks past the guardsman at a man sitting further down the carriage with another guardsman.  He was small, thin, wearing glasses and sort of huddled up in over himself.

“Yep.  Our vic starts yelling at him, all incoherent and shit”

“And then he pulls out a rod?”

“Like I said, he was pretty liquored up.”

“I’ve been known to have a disagreement with a man when under the influence, but I’ve never felt like putting a couple of lead buttons in his vest.”

The guardsman shrugged.  “Give a man enough to drink, and a good enough reason to say ‘Fuck the world’, he’ll do pretty much just about anything.”

“What about the guy who cooked him?”

“Well, our vic’s going off his head at the first guy and sticks the gun in his face like he’s about to smear his face over the inside of the window.  Then this other guy, our mage, steps up behind our guy, wiggles his fingers and ‘whoof’, he’s lit up like a candle.”

“What about witnesses?  Anyone got an ID on the mage?”

“A dozen people in the carriage and I’ve got a dozen different stories.  All more crazy than the last.”

Cameron sighed.  Everyone saw the magic, nobody saw the mage.  It was Monday, 9:30am and already he had a stone cold fucking Magical Mystery Tour.  Just another day in Down Below.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on March 8, 2011.

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