The God of the Gaps

It is in those small spaces between the meeting of two things that the God of the Gaps holds dominion.  Interstices, clefts, alleyways, and the space behind the couch are all part of His demesne.  He has never achieved the popularity of His liminal cousins; where the names of Cardea, Ellegua and Ganesha have been recorded or are still upon the lips of men, the God of the Gaps has fallen through the cracks of history.

He is not without followers or influence, even in these modern times.  Those that remember Him and wish to pay homage may slip an offering into any chink or slot for favour.  A votive prayer pushed down behind your washing machine will ensure that no pipes will burst.  When you search down the side of the car seat for change at a tollgate, it is to Him that you should direct a prayer.

His very nature demands that there must exist other things for a gap to form betwixt; He therefore requires little from His worshippers.  The God of the Gaps bides His time, waiting for prayer and offertory in the small, dark places of the world.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on April 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “The God of the Gaps”

  1. I think about this guy a lot!

  2. Yah, I think I could really get behind a theism based upon this.

    I was hoping to find an actual god of alleys or small spaces that I could tie him to. In doing my (cursory) research though, despite the Scandanavian’s and Roman’s love of creating a deity for every facet and occasion of life, while doorways and thresholds are well covered, alleyways? Not so much.

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