There’s no sign of the car when Wolverton and the others arrive.  They pause in the alley, then press on into the apartment block.  The foyer is an open space that reaches the height of the building.  Wolverton looks up where a glass ceiling once let light in; now just a cage of rusted ribs open to the sky.

They skirt the edges, heading towards a stairway, glass crunching underfoot.  Mr Yeung leads the way, followed by Chen Baochai, Wolverton and a couple of Mr Yeung’s hardboys.  They climb the stairs, following the sound of laughter that drifts down from above.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on May 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Wolverton”

  1. Great image. Also, this went beyond “ommatidia fan fiction” a while ago!

  2. When you strip it back, it’s still a sprawling homage to Ashlock. At this point, I’d miss the tag if it wasn’t there!

    Plus, it leaves me open to pilfer your catalogue: Kaijuville/Proserpina crossover anyone?

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