“Well, there’s ya problem.” The mechanic emerges out from underneath the cicada, cleaning his hands on a rag. “The leg actuator’s shot.”

Hubert peers at the cicada hopefully, as if the problem would suddenly become clear to him. “Right, the leg actuator. So, ah, what’s the problem?”

The mechanic looks him up and down pityingly. “Shot, totally shot. Happens a lot in these older models. Look, what a brownie like you needs is a bumblebee. Nice and reliable.”

“Oh, a bumblebee? Oh, I don’t think I could afford one.”

A crafty look steals over the mechanic’s face. “Well, as I said, the actuator’s shot, but it’s still worth something as parts. Maybe you could trade it in on a bumblebee.”

The mechanic leads Hubert over to where a couple of lazy looking bees buzz to themselves in the corner.  Hubert follows, and just hopes a deal can be made before the cicada turns back into cobwebs and moonbeams.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on May 14, 2011.

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  1. This one is for all my readers who got here via a search for “cicada mechanic”.

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