Titus and Publia

The parties thrown by Titus and Publia held a reputation for excess that was unmatched anywhere beneath the waves.  They were spectacles of light and colour that you went to as much to be seen as anything else.

Reef sharks circulated with stately grace, shadowed by remora waiters carrying trays of canapes.  Clownfish pirouetted and acted the fool, delighting crowds who gathered to watch their antics.  Groupers, cod, tang and damselfish mingled in the grand ballroom, while schools of leatherjackets hung around in the corners, looking tough.

At the centre of it all were Titus and Publia, weaving their way through the guests, leaving a trail of laughter and bonhomie behind them.  They were the social morays of the time.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on May 28, 2011.

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