World of Condiments

When she left, Susan never thought she’d end up at the World of Condiments. She just threw a bag into her ’86 Pulsar and drove West, leaving everything behind. The whole way, she never once looked into the rearview mirror; there was nothing back there for her.  She breezed through Ballarat, and Horsham was a wasteland where McDonalds and KFC grinned at each other like skulls across the highway. When she saw the sign somewhere after Natimuk, she pulled over on a whim.

It had been built in the 70’s, during the craze for big things. Along with the Big Merino, the Big Banana and the Giant Koala, a two storey high mustard pot had been built to house the World of Condiments. Inside, visitors are greeted with sauces, mustards, rubbings, chutneys and chow chows both foreign and domestic. Dusty dioramas take them on a tour through the fascinating history of condiments (who would have imagined that condiments were the first democracy, allowing the populace to cast off the imperialist shackles of received taste?).

It was the same whim as drew Susan to stop that made her ask for a job and stay. Sugar and spice had always struck her as too prosaic things for a girl to be made of, and the World of Condiments offered much more exotic options for her to discover who she really was.


~ by Electro-mechanical Man on June 6, 2011.

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